PKKMB Medan Area University in 2020

The Introduction to Campus Life for New Students or PKKMB at the University of Medan Area for the 2020 academic year, Friday 20 September 2020, was officially opened by the Head of the Haji Education Foundation Agus Salim Drs. H. Erwin Siregar MBA. PKKMB Medan Area University which is held online via the Zoom Meeting application and Medan Area University Youtube.

This time the motto in implementing the Medan Area University Online PKKMB in 2020 is the HOT Motto (Thrifty, Clean and Healthy) which was introduced by the Rector of the University of Medan Area (UMA) Prof. Dr. Dadan Ramdan M.Eng M.Sc in front of new UMA students online who take part in the Introduction to New Student Campus Life (PKKMB). On that occasion, Prof. Dadan also launched a smoke-free UMA campus.


“New students from Medan Area University must be great. Namely, saving costs by completing college on time. Students also have to be clean in mind and body, without being contaminated by negative things such as drugs, so that a healthy campus will be created, ”said the rector in his remarks at the opening of the UMA Online PKKMB.

The Chancellor also said that the vision of the Medan Area University, which is innovative, personality and independent, must be understood and implemented by the entire academic community, including new students for the 2020/2021 academic year. With that vision, he said, achievement must be a fixed price.

“UMA students must excel, starting from the internal environment (campus), local (North Sumatra), to national and international levels. And your older siblings or senior students have shown that achievement, “said Prof. Dadan.

Furthermore, the Chancellor of the Medan Area University also said that the new students had to graduate on time for the optimal 4-year undergraduate, 2-year master’s and 3-year doctoral program with a GPA for the undergraduate program of 3.00, “said Prof. Dadan.


Chairman of YPHAS Drs. HM Erwin Siregar MBA in his remarks first of all I congratulate you on joining the new Medan Area University students in 2020/2021, I hope that the intention to study at the Medan Area University can be realized, can be carried out well and we hope that you will be motivated in carrying out activities education until he finishes his degree on time.

“The PKKMB Medan Area University 2020 activity should be carried out with the aim of introducing more about the existence of the campus, as students are required to be able to learn independently, where independence must be accompanied by a strong attitude and disciplinary responsibility, moreover this online lecture activity must be carried out. have a greater motivation so that this online lecture can be realized that Medan Area University hopes and can run well, “said Mr. Erwin while introducing himself and explaining the duties of the foundation he leads, including completing the facilities and infrastructure needed for quality academic administration.

Medan Area University has also implemented a bilingual class where lectures use English in addition to regular a regular b and evening / evening classes. Medan Area University also often holds webinars, all webinar activities are on the Medan Area University Youtube and get free certificates.


Furthermore, the presentation of material by the Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Ir. Hj. Siti Mardiana, M.Si at the 2020 Medan Area University PKKMB related to online learning which will be held on Monday, September 28, 2020 in the online lecture / practicum / response preparation stage. The online learning media that has been run by the University of Medan Area uses, Google Meet, Zoom and CloudX and the application will have guidelines for the steps in online lectures which are explained in the 2020 Medan Area University PKKMB.


Furthermore, the presentation from the Center for Data and Information Applications (PDAI) at the Medan Area University Online PKKMB related to supporting applications for Medan Area University students who must be guided in lectures. The following is the supporting application for UMA students:

The following is a supporting application for Medan Area University students that must be understood. Then proceed how to fill KRS, View Course Schedule, See KHS. If in the implementation of KRS students have difficulty taking KRS, Viewing Schedules etc. on the website, we will provide a video tutorial on how to take KRS


Furthermore, the last presentation on PKKMB Medan Area University by the Library of UMA Mrs. Ir. Ina Triesna Budiani, M.T explained about the UMA Library which has been accredited A by the National Library, the UMA library also has a printed collection with 31,102 titles and 56,952 copies. In addition to printed books, the UMA library also has online collections ranging from e-journals, theses and e-references. The advantages of the Medan Area University Library information system are:

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Online Graduation of Bachelors and Masters Program Period I of Medan Area University in 2020

Medan Area University held an Online Graduation Ceremony for Period I Bachelor and Master Program 2020 on Saturday 15 August 2020 at the Campus I Library Building, Medan Area University Jl. Pool No. 1 Medan Estate, Zoom Application and Youtube Live Streaming of Medan Area University.

On this occasion, the Chancellor of UMA Prof. Dr. Dadan Ramdan, M.Eng M.Sc said in his speech that in this period the University of Medan Area graduated undergraduate and master students from 20 study programs totaling 457 graduates, consisting of 442 undergraduate graduates and 15 master programs. The graduates came from 7 faculties, namely Engineering, Agriculture, Economics and Business, Law, Social and Political Sciences, Psychology, Biology and 4 Masters in Psychology, Masters in Agribusiness, Masters in Public Administration and Masters in Law.

This graduation with the theme “In Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Digital Economy, UMA Continues to Improve Digital-Based Academic Administration Services to Support the Quality of Education so as to Produce Innovative, Character, Professional and Independent Graduates”. As a form of implementation that high knowledge must be followed by noble ethics and morals. Alumni are expected to be able to think innovatively, have noble character, be independent, and make all their activities as worship to Allah Subhanahu Wataala / God Almighty.

“For 37 years, UMA has shown great commitment in improving the quality of human resources in Indonesia, especially in North Sumatra. UMA is in the top 2 out of 263 private universities in Region I Higher Education Service Institutions ”. said the Chancellor of UMA.

Since 2015, UMA has achieved a B rank for Higher Education Accreditation. In addition, UMA has five accredited A-rank study programs, namely Management Study Program, Agribusiness, Public Administration Science, Communication Studies, and Masters in Agribusiness. UMA is the only private university in North Sumatra that has a Doctoral Program in Agricultural Sciences, which this year has begun admitting its new students. UMA is also recognized as one of the tertiary institutions that received the University of Indonesia’s version of the Green Metric certificate at the 17th National Level.

“The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit us since mid-March 2020 has caused the Medan Area University to carry out an online teaching and learning process. UMA has distributed an Internet quota of 15 GB for students every month until July 2020 to support online PBM. This quota assistance is the largest assistance provided by universities in North Sumatra. This is a form of UMA’s concern and responsibility to improve the quality of PBM during a pandemic. said the Chancellor of UMA.

On this occasion there was also a speech from the Head of the Haji Education Foundation, Agus Salim, Mr. Drs. H.M. Erwin Siregar MBA said congratulations to Medan Area University students who graduated today, hopefully Medan Area University will progress and become the best private university, especially in North Sumatra, thanks to the Governor of North Sumatra, Mr. Edy Rahmayadi for his attention.

As for the remarks from the Governor of North Sumatra, Mr. Edy Rahmayadi, he hoped that the alumni of the Medan Area University who were inaugurated today will become innovative, personable and independent intellectuals and can contribute to the development and progress of the province of North Sumatra.

Head of LLDIKTI Region I Prof. Dr. Dian Armanto M.Pd., MA., M.Sc., Ph.d. said congratulations to the online graduation of the Medan Area University bachelor and master program period I in 2020, in the situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is not permissible to crowd or even hold a graduation properly. This time with a very short meeting at each college that this online graduation is legal or can be done in accordance with statutory regulations, I feel proud of the Medan Area University, the students are still enthusiastic even though during the Covid 19 pandemic, hopefully we are all in good health, and I am also proud Medan Area University has opened a Doctor program and is the only private university to open a doctoral program in North Sumatra and has opened this year, “said Prof. Dian.

On the sidelines of graduation, the Chancellor accompanied by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs gave awards to outstanding students by the University of Medan Area. Hopefully there will be more achievements achieved by Medan Area University students.

Hopefully this graduation will be a good momentum to achieve success in the future. Hopefully this success will be a great start and extraordinary enthusiasm so as to be able to increase your achievements, and in the end be able to make you a part of the Indonesian society who has a personality, is innovative, and independent and is able to play an active role in development in Indonesia.

Watch the online Graduation process for the 2020 Medan Area University Bachelors and Masters Programs on Youtube Chanel, Medan Area University. (

The Best Graduates of the Medan Area University Program Period I 2020

Period I Graduates of the Medan Area University Postgraduate Program in 2020



Diberitahukan kepada Mahasiswa Magister Ilmu Adninistrasi Publik Program Pascasarjana Universitas Medan Area bahwa libur perkuliahan dimulai tanggal 18 Mei s/d 1 Juni 2020 dan aktif perkuliahan kembali setelah lebaran tanggal 2 Juni 2020. Demikian untuk dimaklumi.

Launching Program Doktor S3 Ilmu Pertanian Universitas Medan Area

Program Doktor (S3) Ilmu Pertanian Universitas Medan Area (UMA) resmi diluncurkan di JW Marriot Hotel Medan, Kamis (12/3/2020). Program Doktor di UMA yang dikelola Yayasan Pendidikan Haji Agus Salim ini, diharapkan dapat meningkatkan sumber daya manusia (SDM) bidang pertanian di Sumatera Utara (Sumut).

Demikian di antara harapan Wakil Gubernur Sumatera Utara (Wagubsu), Musa Rajekshah, usai launching Program Doktor Ilmu Pertanian UMA ini. “Selain nantinya SDM lebih unggul, karena memang daerah Sumut ini daerah terbesar pertanian, diharapkan dapat melatih petani-petani di daerah kita tentang hal-hal baru untuk meningkatkan produksi pertanian,” sebut pria yang akrap disapa Ijeck itu.

Ijeck juga berharap dengan Program Doktor Ilmu Pertanian UMA ini juga bermanfaat ke depannya untuk bisa memberikan pengetahuan bagaimana memasarkan pertanian kepada petani-petani di Sumut. “Supaya produk yang baik, produk yang unggul dapat dibarengi dengan harga pasar bisa stabil dan juga bisa diterima dan mudah-mudahan Sumut bisa ekspor hasil pertanian ke depan,” ungkapnya.

Sementara itu, Ketua Yayasan Pendidikan Haji Agus Salim UMA, Drs HM Erwin Siregar MBA menyebutkan, Program Doktor Ilmu Pertanian ini dibuka atas dasar permintaan masyarakat terutama menyediakan tenaga ahli yang memiliki kompetensi khususnya di program doktor sektor pertanian semuanya telah terpenuhi.

“Pemerintah melihat bahwa UMA memiliki prestasi yang sangat baik terutama akreditasi rata-rata mendapat nilai A dari badan akreditasi. Selain itu juga perpustakaan yang mendapat penilaian dan terakhir UMA mendapat penghargaan greend metrix pada akhir 2019 lalu untuk tingkat nasional dan nomor 2 untuk tingkat Sumatera Utara,” ujarnya.

Disebutkan, UMA saat ini sedang mempersiapkan tenaga pengajar yang saat ini sedang melaksanakan pendidikan lanjut. “Ada sekitar 46 orang dosen yang kita sekolahkan baik di dalam maupun luar negeri. UMA sudah melaksanakan sistem pembelajaran digitalisasi (paperless). UMA juga telah menjalin kerjasama dengan universitas baik dalam dan luar negeri,” paparnya.

Sedangkan Rektor UMA Prof Dr Dadan Ramdan MEng MSc menambahkan, Program Doktor Ilmu Pertanian UMA sudah siap melaksanakan program doktor dan memastikan berjalan sesuai aturan dan standar yang benar, tentunya ruang kuliah, laboratorium, dan enam dosen tetap dan dua dosen tambahan. “Staf pengajar terdiri dari 8 profesor, dan 18 doktor yang sesuai aturan dan stantar yang ditentukan,” sebutnya.

Kerjasama dengan Pemerintahan Provinsi Sumut, kata Rektor, tentunya dalam kerjasama penyusunan topik-topik penelitian atau riset jurnal internasional yang bisa dipatenkan. “Selain itu juga ada inovasi baru atau temuan yang bisa digunakan di dalam lingkungan pemerintahan,” jelasnya.

Sementara itu, Kepala Lembaga Layanan Pendidikan Tinggi (LLDikti) Wilayah I Sumatera Utara, Prof Dian Armanto MPd MA MSc PhD berharap banyak terhadap hasil Program Doktor Ilmu Pertanian UMA menghasilkan tenaga pengajar yang bagus, pelatih petani, pengusaha, pimpinan dan jadi peneliti.

“Aspeknya itu kita mengharapkan yang baru yakni dalam menulis riset yang baru, inovasi baru, hasil produk yang baru. Ini menunjang perekonomian kita dalam pembangunan nasional di Sumatera Utara. Kita perlu SDM yang banyak untuk menunjang program ini untuk menjadi doktor. Kualitas harus dijaga. Kenapa? Karena memanage prodi S3 itu pekerjaannya banyak,” ucap dia.

Dikatakan, ini adalah calon pemimpin ke depan yang mendorong pembangunan yang lebih baik lagi.

English Version : Launching of Doctoral Program in Agricultural Sciences, University of Medan Area