Postgraduate Program Holds Workshop on Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI)

The Medan Area University Postgraduate Program (PPS UMA) held a Workshop on the Internal Quality Assurance System Document Preparation (SPMI) which was held at the Postgraduate Program Campus of the University of Medan Area Jalan Setia Budi No. 79B Medan, 15-16 September 2020.

Present at the activity, the Chancellor of UMA Prof. Dr. Dadan Ramdan, M.Eng., M.Sc who is also a Central SPMI Facilitator, Director of PPS UMA Prof. Dr. Ir. Retna Astuti K., M.S who is also the facilitator of SPMI LLDIKTI Region I and Chalis Fajri Hasibuan, S.T., M.Sc who is the Head of the SPMI UMA Section.


The event, which was attended by all PPS UMA functionaries, was opened directly by the Chancellor who in his presentation explained the national policy of the higher education quality assurance system followed by the Director of PPS UMA who explained about the SPMI Medan Area University policy. The activity on September 15 was closed with a presentation on the theory of making SPMI documents (PPEPP) presented by Chalis Fajri Hasibuan, S.T., M.Sc.

The next day the event continued with the practice of making SPMI documents for study programs based on Permendikbud No. 3 of 2020, APS 9 Criteria, and a Chancellor’s Decree which was guided directly by the rof. Dr. Ir. Retna Astuti K., M.S and Chalis Fajri Hasibuan, S.T., M.Sc. The output or purpose of this activity is that the study program is able to compile SPMI documents of study programs that go beyond SN Dikti.

Online Graduation of Bachelors and Masters Program Period I of Medan Area University in 2020

Medan Area University held an Online Graduation Ceremony for Period I Bachelor and Master Program 2020 on Saturday 15 August 2020 at the Campus I Library Building, Medan Area University Jl. Pool No. 1 Medan Estate, Zoom Application and Youtube Live Streaming of Medan Area University.

On this occasion, the Chancellor of UMA Prof. Dr. Dadan Ramdan, M.Eng M.Sc said in his speech that in this period the University of Medan Area graduated undergraduate and master students from 20 study programs totaling 457 graduates, consisting of 442 undergraduate graduates and 15 master programs. The graduates came from 7 faculties, namely Engineering, Agriculture, Economics and Business, Law, Social and Political Sciences, Psychology, Biology and 4 Masters in Psychology, Masters in Agribusiness, Masters in Public Administration and Masters in Law.

This graduation with the theme “In Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Digital Economy, UMA Continues to Improve Digital-Based Academic Administration Services to Support the Quality of Education so as to Produce Innovative, Character, Professional and Independent Graduates”. As a form of implementation that high knowledge must be followed by noble ethics and morals. Alumni are expected to be able to think innovatively, have noble character, be independent, and make all their activities as worship to Allah Subhanahu Wataala / God Almighty.

“For 37 years, UMA has shown great commitment in improving the quality of human resources in Indonesia, especially in North Sumatra. UMA is in the top 2 out of 263 private universities in Region I Higher Education Service Institutions ”. said the Chancellor of UMA.

Since 2015, UMA has achieved a B rank for Higher Education Accreditation. In addition, UMA has five accredited A-rank study programs, namely Management Study Program, Agribusiness, Public Administration Science, Communication Studies, and Masters in Agribusiness. UMA is the only private university in North Sumatra that has a Doctoral Program in Agricultural Sciences, which this year has begun admitting its new students. UMA is also recognized as one of the tertiary institutions that received the University of Indonesia’s version of the Green Metric certificate at the 17th National Level.

“The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit us since mid-March 2020 has caused the Medan Area University to carry out an online teaching and learning process. UMA has distributed an Internet quota of 15 GB for students every month until July 2020 to support online PBM. This quota assistance is the largest assistance provided by universities in North Sumatra. This is a form of UMA’s concern and responsibility to improve the quality of PBM during a pandemic. said the Chancellor of UMA.

On this occasion there was also a speech from the Head of the Haji Education Foundation, Agus Salim, Mr. Drs. H.M. Erwin Siregar MBA said congratulations to Medan Area University students who graduated today, hopefully Medan Area University will progress and become the best private university, especially in North Sumatra, thanks to the Governor of North Sumatra, Mr. Edy Rahmayadi for his attention.

As for the remarks from the Governor of North Sumatra, Mr. Edy Rahmayadi, he hoped that the alumni of the Medan Area University who were inaugurated today will become innovative, personable and independent intellectuals and can contribute to the development and progress of the province of North Sumatra.

Head of LLDIKTI Region I Prof. Dr. Dian Armanto M.Pd., MA., M.Sc., Ph.d. said congratulations to the online graduation of the Medan Area University bachelor and master program period I in 2020, in the situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is not permissible to crowd or even hold a graduation properly. This time with a very short meeting at each college that this online graduation is legal or can be done in accordance with statutory regulations, I feel proud of the Medan Area University, the students are still enthusiastic even though during the Covid 19 pandemic, hopefully we are all in good health, and I am also proud Medan Area University has opened a Doctor program and is the only private university to open a doctoral program in North Sumatra and has opened this year, “said Prof. Dian.

On the sidelines of graduation, the Chancellor accompanied by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs gave awards to outstanding students by the University of Medan Area. Hopefully there will be more achievements achieved by Medan Area University students.

Hopefully this graduation will be a good momentum to achieve success in the future. Hopefully this success will be a great start and extraordinary enthusiasm so as to be able to increase your achievements, and in the end be able to make you a part of the Indonesian society who has a personality, is innovative, and independent and is able to play an active role in development in Indonesia.

Watch the online Graduation process for the 2020 Medan Area University Bachelors and Masters Programs on Youtube Chanel, Medan Area University. (

The Best Graduates of the Medan Area University Program Period I 2020

Period I Graduates of the Medan Area University Postgraduate Program in 2020


Medan Area University Graduate Program (PPS UMA) functionaries held an audience visit along with promotions to the Deli Serdang Police in the context of gathering and promoting New Student Admissions (PMB) T.A. 2020/2021, Jl. Sudirman, Petapahan, Lubuk Pakam, Deli Serdang Regency, Thursday, April 30, 2020.

The group which was followed directly by the Director of PPS UMA Prof. Dr. Ir. Retna Astuti K., M.S. it was received directly by the Head of the Deli Serdang Police, Kombes Pol. Yemi Mandagi, S.I.K as well as the Head of Sumda Polresta Deli Serdang Kompol Dr. Sri Pinem, S.H., M.Kn at the Deli Serdang Police Meeting Room. Also attending the occasion was the Head of the Master of Law Study Program Dr. M. Citra Ramadhan, S.H., M.H. As well as the Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Medan Area Dr. Rizkan Zulyadi, S.H., M.H.

In his remarks, the Head of Deli Serdang Police welcomed the arrival of the entourage in order to establish friendship and cooperation between the two parties to become even better, especially in the fields of academics and HR. The Director of PPS UMA in his presentation explained that PPS UMA has now managed 4 Masters Study Programs and 1 Doctoral Study Program which last year was given the trust to open a Doctoral Study Program. And for now, PPS UMA now has an A-rank accredited study program by BAN-PT, namely the Agribusiness Masters Study Program. PPS UMA also opens afternoon classes for students who have worked like members of the National Police.

The audience was continued with light discussions and questions and answers related to academic lecture activities as well as other strategic issues currently being faced such as the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was closed with a group photo and a gift presentation for both parties.



Diberitahukan kepada Mahasiswa Magister Ilmu Adninistrasi Publik Program Pascasarjana Universitas Medan Area bahwa libur perkuliahan dimulai tanggal 18 Mei s/d 1 Juni 2020 dan aktif perkuliahan kembali setelah lebaran tanggal 2 Juni 2020. Demikian untuk dimaklumi.